USAF N-3B Parka M

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The model N-3 Parka has quite a long history which starts just after WW2. In 1945 he US Army Air Force, the Air Force was not yet a separate entity of the United States armed forces, issued a parka with the designation "for aircrew member in extreme cold environments". The N-3B parka which in 1958 evolved out of the N-3 parka was a single breasted, four pocket, three quarter length parka with an outer layer of nylon twill (typically sage green), insulated with a layer of wool pile fabric and lined with nylon cloth. The integrated parka hood was fur-trimmed, mouton lined. The jacket we see here is very close to the original 1958 model as this is an original 1964 model! This version still is done in the typical Air Force sage green color, it has the "snorkel" hood (named after the fact that you could close the hood almost completely around your head which looked like a snorkel) and features a wool liner. Also the fur on the hood on this model is real beaver, coyote or even wolf. 

The jacket has since become a icon in functional (street)wear, but we are proud to as always offer you the original stuff.  


- Original jacket in near mint condition from 1964
- Fits like a large M but and can be very easily trimmed to fit a smaller size due to the drawcord
- Measurements: shoulder to shoulder 58cm, pit to pit 66cm, sleeve length 59cm, back 85cm


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