Lee Carpenter Pants

Curated Vintage Collection


Some boots are made for walking, some jeans are made for working. That's exactly what these amazing Lee Carpenter Pants are: workwear. They have been worn, patched, worn and patched up again. There are very few pieces of clothing that speak like these type of jeans. All the different paint spot can tell stories of houses that were built for families to live in, boats that were touched up for summer etc etc. The fact that they are still here is what makes them valuable. There are fake old looking jeans out there that have been purposefully ripped by a machine to look like these pants. Only they never do. The character in jeans like this cannot be faked and that's exactly what we love about them. 


  • Size W38/L30
  • Dated late 1960s
  • Measurements: waist 48cm, outseam 104cm, inseam 75cm, rise 36cm 
  • Made in USA


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