Vintage Levi’s light denim jacket

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Levi's is an iconic brand with so much history. We love that history and there is so much to learn about it not only from a social economical or design perspective, but also from the way they designed their clothes for the last century. Of course the blue jeans and the use of rivets is what made them famous, but the trucker jacket is in a close second. Especially the history of how Levi's designed and engineered their clothes, makes it possible to do research on them, find out rather exactly when and where they were made and price them accordingly. Despite the fact that there are tons and tons of Levi's - and other brands too of course - denim jackets out there, its these original Levi's ones with age, fading and character that are genuinely hard to find. This is exactly one of those piece. Beautifully worn in the denim has become soft and show great gradient in how much the indigo has bled out. Through various design details we can date this jacket in the 1970s era. Despite its age - or rather because of its age - this piece is as easily worn today as it was fifty years ago. 


Original Levi's denim trucker jacket from 1970
Measurements: shoulder 46cm, chest 56cm, back 60cm, sleeve 61cm


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