Douk-Douk Knife Silver

Douk Douk Cognet


The Douk Douk knife is a knife with a rich history dating back to ca. 1927. It is a French made pocket knife from Thiers, a region with a long and vivid history in knife making tradition bringing forth world famous brands like Opinel and Laguiole. Monsieur Cognet aimed to conquer the Melanesian market and thought that a picture he found in a dictionary would do well. The picture he chose was that of a 'Douk-Douk' a French Polynesian evil spirit incarnation which scares the hell out of local people! This aspect didn't make the knive a commercial succes in Melanesia obviously, but the French Foreign Legion picked it up because of its simple, effective and very durable and brought it all over the world and back to France again as well. This design has not changed ever since.


  • Carbon steel blade 20 cm / 7,8 inch


MCC Cognet