Field Notes Weekplanner

Field Notes


Field Notes presents their 56-week planner. A durable, no-nonsense agenda that will last you up to a years' time. A week is spread over two pages with lined sections for each day. You can start whenever since there are no printed dates. To top it off, a firm spiral keeps the tough cover and neat contents in one place. 


- Dimensions: 12 x 19 cm


Field Notes designs pocket-sized memo books and similar styled office accessoires. 
In our digital age, analog notebooks are becoming more and more unique by the minute. Very few people still carry a pocketbook with them. Jotting down ideas onto tangible paper is a rarity. Most of us simply use their phones and tablets. This practice constitutes the loss of an age-old and beautiful tradition, namely that of keeping all your thoughts and secrets in written form! Besides, a sense of patience and ease of mind is lost and certainly not found by staring at your screen all day. This is what Field Notes thought. Back to basics. Back to simple concepts.