Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil



The brass Kaweco Sketch Up 5.6mm is a solid mechanical pencil with polished tip and cap. This Sketch Up is ideal for sketching your latest renovation projects, wedding dress designs or drawing your dream supercars. This pencil comes in a gorgeous pewter case. And it has this handy little detail: its cap can be screwed off and used as pencil sharpener. How about that. 


- Length: 10,3 cm
- Material: Brass
- Refills: 5,6 mm 


Germany has a long and rich histrory in stationery. Because there was no access to graphite like in England, a solution was found in the shape of powdered graphite. The pencil industry bloomed and well-known industry giants such as Faber-Castell and Staedtles were born in the 19th century. Read the full Kaweco story here.