Crest Neck tie

Indigo People


The fabric of this handmade necktie is created by highly experienced artisans on a handloom following the authentic ikat technique. The yarns are multiple dipped in natural indigo to achieve the deep blue colour. Every single item is created passionately with love. To see how this tie is made please take a look at this video from Indigo People.


100% cotton
Natural Indigo died
Lenght 150 cm / 59 inch
Made in Laos
- Made in Portugal


Indigo People was founded when Kiat and Johan encountered artisans struggling to maintain their cultural heritage. It was often the case that mothers and grandmothers lost the ability to pass on the secrets of their craft when children moved to the city to pursue economic opportunities. When they discovered that these skills were about to be lost to the world forever, they started Indigo People to support the talent and skills of traditional craftsmen and share the beauty of their work with the rest of the world.