Cheryl Varsity Jacket

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Varsity jackets span quite a wide range of different types. We used to call them just baseball jackets, but we have since learned that this description is a bit narrow to say at least. There are varisty jackets for so many different types of disciplines, not even all athletic. This mint condition jacket from the ca. 1960s and has a nice long design as opposed to a cuffed waist we see more often. The jacket is 100% wool and the bright yellow stripes and of cours Cheryl give this jacket something extra nice.  


Great vintage near mint condition
Jacket from the ca. 1960s
Fits like a M
100% wool
Measurements: pit to pit 54 cm / 21,5 inch backside 66 cm / 26 inch sleeves 60 cm / 23,6 inch


Concrete Matter Curated Vintage Collection

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