Signet Ring

877 Wokrshop


We are proud to offer a wide variation of the great 877 Workshop men jewelry. This is the masculine signet ring with rugged forging and filing traces and a cool vintage patina. A more modest design and a slightly smaller plate.


  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Dimensions plate 8 mm x 7 mm (L 0.31" x H 0.27")
  • Please allow approximately one week production and delivery time


To determining your ring size simply print out this pdf document and measure a ring. When printing, please ensure that the document is printed in its original size. Setting for the print dialog box: Page settings > Page adjustment > None


877 Workshop are Sylvia and Daniel Janssen – a husband-and-wife team who love almost forgotten crafts and techniques and bring them back to life with new designs. In their workshop in Hamburg, Germany, they manufacture high-quality, beautifully designed goods for men with a contemporary and effortless look. Their accessories are ideal companions for everyday. Their work spirit is to strive for quality, to rely in the best materials, a lot of artisanal experience and even more passion. They have a soft spot for old crafting techniques and are passionate collectors of historical tools and machines which they use for new designs. All materials are sourced in Europe, mainly Germany and the only use solid materials like 925 sterling silver, solid brass and copper. All pieces are unique.