Sport Jacket Brindleigh

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Varsity jackets span quite a wide range of different types. We used to call them just baseball jackets, but we have since learned that this description is a bit narrow to say at least. There are varsity jackets for so many different types of disciplines, not even all athletic. All of them though radiate a positive energetic vibe that takes us back to the good old America of the 1950s when people drove good looking cars, drank soda pops in drive in theaters and in general seemed to be living the American Dream. The fact that all the varsity jackets feature at least a bit of color, and some a lot, makes them stand out. They can be paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans for the sporty jock look, but also with chinos and a shirt for a more preppy look. And when worn by girls they are amazing too. So all in all it is obvious why we like them so much and good ones are hard to find.

This jacket resembles a sunny summers day with it's very nice combo of bright yellow and deep blue. The yellow stripes which run along the arms are very unusual but we like them a lot.  


- Great vintage mint condition

- 100% wool outer jacket
- Jacket from the 1960s
- Fits like a Medium
- Measurements: pit to pit 64cm, sleeves 62cm, back 62cm


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