Weber Letterman Vest

Curated Vintage Collection


It is hard to explain how difficult it is to find items like this. The fact that a wool garment survived up to now and remained in this condition is already quite an achievement to put it like that. That this particular item with such a jaw dropping cool patch on the back survived, together with the patch is just amazing. Taken from the label in the garment it is comfortably dated in the 1950s if not earlier. The piece is in absolute mint condition and even though the patch might be controversial to some, we like to appreciate the garment for its looks, history and quality. The Chicago Weber Catholic High School "Red Horde" was founded in 1890 and closed in 1999. The Red Horde was their nickname. A so called Letterman Vest like this was mainly worn by the athletes competing for their schools.


  • Original wool cardigan from the 1950s or earlier 
  • Fits like an L
  • Very rare piece


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