German Border Patrol Camo Parka

Curated Vintage Collection


This jacket is packed with history and character. The camo is design is originally a WW2 swamp camo, Zumpftarn in German. This jacket however is a German Border Patrol jacket from ca. 1960/70s. This pattern was only briefly used by the border patrol because it was to military for them. Beside that, this jacket was never ment to be made available to the public. We have found the jacket once before, in a field coat version, which was completely cut up. This parka was not meant to make it's way into the hands of civilians. Well it did! The jacket is very warm, made to last and full of great details.  


  • Original jacket in dead stock like new condition from ca. 1960/70s
  • Fits like a L


Concrete Matter Curated Vintage Collection