British Gurkha Short

Curated Vintage Collection


The British Army so-called Ghurka shorts have become quite a sought after vintage piece. Their characteristic waistband design with the double buttoned front and two side straps make it stand out. The fit is high and wide due to the double pleet but it can also be worn a bit lower on the waist as there is quite a bit of room for adjustment. The shorts are named after the legendary Nepali Ghurka regiment of the British Army who fought alongside the Brits in WW2 and wore these shorts. They were known for the fearless attitude in combat and very high military standards. We are very happy to finally have a limited selection of these amazing pieces.


Original British Army shorts deadstock from the ca. 1980s
Waist adjustable from 32-34
Outseam 60cm
Inseam 30cm


Concrete Matter Curated Vintage Collection