M-65 Fishtail Parka

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The Fishtail parka was originally an improved version of the N3-B parka which was already worn in WW2. For the Korean War the designers went back to the drawing board. Their aim was to come up with a versatile garment which would protect the GI's from the cold and rather wet conditions in Korea. For this purpose they designed a parka which was waterproof, strong and still enabled the soldier to move around with ease. The parka came with a removable liner adding to its versatility. The design featured to characteristic drawstrings at the back and front that could be tied together around the leg. Thus trapping warm air and keeping you warm. Soldier thought this looked like a Fishtail.

The Fishtail parka probably gained its most recognition during the Mod period in the UK. The mods really like the look of the fishtail parka and it kept them clean whilst they were on their Vespa scooters.

The M65 is again an adaptation of its predeccesor. this model has an different type of liner and not an attached hood. It also seems a bit less baggy. Of course the iconic drawstring remained. This model has a liner from 1977 and an outer from 1972. Grab your chance to own a classic! 


- Original jacket in near mint condition from the 1970
- Baggy fit makes it hard to put an exact size on it. Could go for an XL as the biggest option.


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