Patched H.B.T. Work Pant No. 2

Curated Vintage Collection


To the untrained eye this looks like an old, dirty, overused pair of pants that should have been binned long ago. To us though, this is an incredible treasure. This pant breaths history, character and expression that is impossible to fake. The patch on the patch is one the favourite parts of this beauty. There are so many shades of blue, endless hours of mending and of course even more hours of working with this pant that is has become an object. We found two of these types of pants, something which does not happen often.


  • Comfort fit size L, the pants have drawstring so they can fit various sizes
  • HBT fabric, patches of denim, other HBT fabric and just the right amount of paint 
  • Pants date from the ca. 1950s


Concrete Matter Curated Vintage Collection