Eurasian Woodcock

Curated Mantiques Collection


The Woodcock is a very cool bird which can be hard to see. In wintertime they are most easily spotted often taking off like a rocket from the forest floor when disturbed. Especially when there is snow, they think their excellent camouflage is still working, even though it is not. This results in them staying still along creek borders etc when they can be admired. They have a very big eye because of their crepuscular behavior. Seeing them in early spring when they display is quite hard. Hearing them though is not. They make a crazy cool sound which is a high squeek followed by a bit of a pig's noise!
This old specimen was mounted with real skill as it is still in an amazing condition allowing us to study and enjouy this beautiful bird from up close. 


  • Vintage taxidermy specimen
  • Measurements: height 28 cm / 11 inch, depth 23 cm /  9 inch 


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