Red Cedar Incense



Paine produces incense that makes your downtown home instantly smell like a cabin in the woods. The family company has been working together with local woodsmen since 1931 to bring the forest to your doorstep. By drying balsam and cedar wood branches and pressing them, Paine makes their incense in a completely natural and sustainable way. All you have to do is light a piece and it will spread the scent of cedar or pine throughout the room for about 15 to 30 minutes. You will be surprised at just how authentic it smells - but then again, it is. 

Paine incense is perfect to set the mood at home, especially when it starts getting colder outside and you want to create a wintery atmosphere. This also makes it a perfect Christmas item, whether as a gift or to light next to the Christmas tree.


  • Contents: 24 sticks and one wooden holder
  • Note: the scent of the red cedar is more smoky compared to a more herby scent of the balsam fir


Paine Products of Maine USA

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